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x) SIMFLY - i dressing della scuola italiana di pesca a mosca


x) SIMFLY - i dressing della scuola italiana di pesca a mosca

45,00 €
39,00 €

Beppe Saglia

Publisher Fly Line

224 page color, A4 format, hardcover

ISBN 978-88-89468-03-6

Available only in Italian

For years, the Museum of Castel di Sangro has displayed the old artificial flies designed by Frederic M. Halford, Leonard West and Alfred Ronalds; perfect clones constructed with the materials and techniques of the original patterns, in which art and passion combine pleasurably in the intense experience of fly fishing. To observe the display cases with these old models is to feel again the extreme sense of purity and the intuitive genius of our first masters.

We owe these feelings to the creators of these stunning models, whose ability serves as a guarantee for the SIM fly-tying courses.
It is said that Italy is a country of artists, and artists are extremely individualistic, but if at first the experienced tyers only met in competitions where of course it was important to be one of the best and protect onès “secrets”, with the SIM courses a real collaborative structure has evolved on a national and international scale, with continuous exchanges of information and insights instantly made available to everyone.

It was followed by an unstoppable process of enrichment, motivated not just by passion and... well, our genetic characteristics, but above all because the artificial flies in this book do not follow accepted standards, classic patterns, eccentricities or personal experimentation; they have instead a basic character, an absolute principle which makes them a peculiar but very precious heritage: they are the patterns that every tyer uses the most, and the reason is simple - they are the most effective ones ever made. This is the real secret of this work: it suggests artificial flies that every tyer is ready to bet on.
In short, here you have a unique entomological fortune, a sort of high-level team effort where everyone gave their best.


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