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Premise: the articles of Fly Line magazine are all in Italian.

General - Fly Line is a bi-monthly magazine founded and published continuously since 1986. Intended for the fly fishermen, it is characterized by a high level of detail, excellent photographs and a layout rich and refined. It is designed like an encyclopedia  which has replaced the replica with the study in depth.

Fundamentals items - the so-called “fundamental articles” are the essential feature  of Fly Line. These specialized items are considerably  longer  than average; they are cognitive studies focused on research. They cover a lot of subjects, from the casting technique to fishing, from the history of  fly fishing to philosophy, from the ancient dressings to the management of rivers. As a rule, each issue contains one of these items.

About  photography - We are proud of our pictures. The images we propose are rare and extraordinary! Feel free to take a look at them on our webpage!

The purpose - The  ethical  purpose of  Fly Line is that to protect  the rivers against deterioration and to increase their  enjoyment  through the spread of fishing with artificial flies. It is excellent  to help us to protect the environment: fly fishing requires  natural rivers with a  good water quality and people aware of the laws of nature and its ecosystems.


Read HERE here Articles of Fly Line available on the site, but beware, all the articles are in Italian.


Read HERE previews of the books available on the site, but beware, all the books, except CDC EVOLUTION,  are in Italian.





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His name is Fly Line.
Thanks to it, the rivers will have less and less secrets for the fly fisherman.
In this magazine passion becomes culture and culture simplicity.


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