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Please remember that all the articles of Fly Line are in Italian.

All articles published in Fly Line over thirty years are described briefly in the general index of the magazine. Thanks to it you can find articles of each topic.

The index, structured for both topics that chronologically, and divided into two periods; Both documents can be downloaded in pdf and in turn divided into chronological index and subject index.

Indexes, under each item, you will find a list of articles published on the topic. Every article has briefly commented, lists the pages where a score is developed and shows the level of detail.

The index Fly Line is useful to request arrears available with topics that interest. For example, if you are interested in throwing technique, read indexes Fly Line and Special items listed in the argument throwing technique, then you can ask the arrears available.


Read HERE here Articles of Fly Line available on the site, but beware, all the articles are in Italian.


Read HERE previews of the books available on the site, but beware, all the books, except CDC EVOLUTION,  are in Italian.





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His name is Fly Line.
Thanks to it, the rivers will have less and less secrets for the fly fisherman.
In this magazine passion becomes culture and culture simplicity.


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